News: The Whisky Trail

The Whisky Trail is a new, gorgeous photograph-heavy book showcasing the distilleries of Scotland and the culture of whisky. This book comes in a gorgeous wooden case that's laser-cut and made out of the same casks that whisky is aged in.

News: The Thirsty Crow - a whisky centric bar

This is a new bar opening in our neck of the woods in Silver Lake. The Thirsty Crow is whisky and bourbon-centric, meaning that there will be no pansy ass vodka cocktails. Check out the menu, which includes a good selection of whiskies from the Highlands and Islay, and even a few Johnny Walkers.

News: nonjatta - japanese whisky

This blog is dedicated to the world of Japanese single malts. We tried one once, I think it was a Yamazaki 10 year, and were a little underwhelmed. Course, the world of single malts, even in Japan, is bigger than a single batch. Looking forward to trying more!

News: Monkey Shoulder Whisky

I wish this site wasn't so full of Flash annoyances. This new whisky is actually a triple-malt that's aged in Bourbon casks. It's made for cocktails. Sounds pretty cool, doesn't it? Anyone seen it or give it a try? What do you think of it?

News: Scotch Whisky Tasting Notes

What better way to start off a blog about Scotch whiskies than to write about our first impressions of some of our favorites? These notes are from a Scotch tasting party we threw a while back. It was fairly simple: we made meat, we asked people to bring individual bottles, and we drank. And drank. 

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